Let's face it

In today's world, there really isn't much that we wouldn't do for a perfect, glowing complexion void of imperfections. Every year, the American Society of Plastic Surgery releases a report showing the demand of these cosmetic procedures rapidly increasing.

For instance, there were 17.7 MILLION cosmetic procedures done in 2018 in the US and while the data for 2019 is still being generated, it's already assumed to be a much higher number.

Why does it matter? We're so glad you asked!

This matters because year by year, new procedures and techniques are constantly being introduced at rapid speeds offering less downtime, less pain, great results, lower costs, etc. Just when you hear about a new trend, there's already another one popping up behind it with celebrity and social media influenced endorsements backing it up.

But how do you know which one is right for you and which one actually works?

At MedSpa 22, we only offer services that we can confidently stand behind. Our highly-trained physicians and staff are constantly doing research and being trained on new procedures and products. We test these out on models and staff and verify that the results are something we know our clients will love.

In addition, we also offer an individualized treat-to-complete plan for every guest that walks through our door! This plan is created at your first initial consultation where we'll identify your ultimate cosmetic goals and make the proper service and product recommendations. We'll then help you prioritize, budget, and schedule these services according to your own timeline!

At MedSpa 22, we want you to be your own kind of beautiful! 

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Dr. Ivan and Dr. Jelin Israel-Cvik

Dr. Ivan and Dr. Jelin Israel-Cvik both specialize in Internal Medicine. They offer more than 30 years of combined experience focusing on anti-aging, nutrition/weight loss, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (bioTE pellets) and disease prevention.

Helping you maximize your quality of life physically, mentally and aesthetically is the goal for each of our MedSpa 22 clients as well as our Premier MD Care patients.

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At MedSpa 22, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most exceptional cosmetic enhancement treatments available. Our professional staff will guide you through every step to ensure your ideal result.