Skin Care formulated to maintain and improve skin health. An effective skincare regimen must contain three fundamental elements: Prevention, Protection and Correction. Designed to prevent signs of future damage, protect healthy skin, and correct the appearance of previous damage, SkinCeuticals is committed to advanced skincare products that are backed by science.

SkinCeuticals mission is to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, they make one simple promise—to provide advanced skincare backed by science.

Born from decades of skin cancer research that led to pivotal breakthroughs in antioxidants, their high potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives and proven to penetrate optimally into skin.

Made in the USA, SkinCeuticals clinical skincare is used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas for daily homecare and to complement aesthetic procedures. Their products are formulated to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage.


SkinCeuticals is committed to improving its impact on the environment in all aspects of development. Through optimization efforts, they continue to reduce their use of shipping cartons and corrugate material. In 2016, they modernized their fulfilment center to use wind turbines to measurably improve our carbon neutrality.


SkinCeuticals, together with ReSurge International, a global not-for-profit dedicated to increasing access to reconstructive surgical care in developing countries, has created Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery. Through this initiative, they are committed to educating and advancing the first generation of local women reconstructive surgeons in developing nations, who often face significant technical and cultural obstacles to gaining acceptance in their field.

Has it started to feel like your normal skincare routine is not doing enough? Are you frustrated with the appearance of blemishes or signs of aging, but hesitant to pursue highly involved or invasive treatments? Consider SkinCeuticals peels! This topical treatments may be used to encourage cell turnover and minimize the appearance of imperfections on the skin. Explore the possibilities during a consultation with us at MedSpa 22 in Fort Myers, FL!

What Are SkinCeuticals Peels?

SkinCeuticals peels are chemical peels that utilize powerful cosmeceutical skincare products. They may be used to address concerns like:

  • Acne
  • Age spots
  • Dull skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Fine lines
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin damage
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles

Chemical peels involve the application of carefully selected skincare products. These serums and solutions promote your skin cells to regenerate, encouraging exfoliation and cell turnover.

What Types of Peels Are Available?

Each of the SkinCeutical peels offers unique benefits. We proudly offer the following peels:

  • Gel Peel (GL & SM) – The GL peel uses glycolic acid and lactic acid to exfoliate and hydrate skin to address photodamage. The SM peel uses salicylic acid and mandelic acid to encourage exfoliation and address a range of skincare concerns.
  • Micropeel (Glycolic & Salicylic) – Glycolic acid and salicylic acid are both effective at addressing a variety of signs of aging. These peels may be used to achieve a rejuvenated appearance and may be used at a variety of depths.
  • Micropeel for Sensitive Skin – This peel contains lactic acid, niacin, and usnic acid, and it may be used on nearly all skin types. It exfoliates and hydrates skin, unclogging pores and improving the overall appearance of the skin.
  • Pigment Balancing Peel – This peel uses brightening agents and a peeling solution to address skin discoloration. It may be used to address concerns caused by acne or photodamage.

A consultation with our team in Fort Myers can help you select the best peel for you and your needs.

What Could I Expect from the Treatment Experience?

SkinCeuticals peels are performed in the comfort of our Florida office. During treatment, carefully selected solutions are applied to your skin. This promotes exfoliation and the reduction in appearance of skin imperfections.

While there is no set downtime associated with chemical peels, it is important to take particular care of your skin. Skin will likely be sensitive and tender, so it is important to avoid sunlight as much as possible.

Results achieved with each SkinCeuticals peels will vary for each person and specific peel. Most people enjoy results shortly after treatment once skin has healed. A series of treatments is often recommended to achieve and maintain the best results.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Chemical peels are highly customizable skincare treatments that can be personalized to address your unique concerns. They may be effective for most skin tones and types for most generally healthy adults with realistic expectations for treatment.

A consultation with our team in Fort Myers can help determine if you may be able to benefit from SkinCeuticals peels. They can help you develop your unique treatment plan and specific peel types.

SkinCeuticals Peels

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