Midwest Food Bank

Millions of people experience hunger or food insecurity every day. While this impacts millions of Americans every day, there are organizations working diligently to help ensure everyone is getting the proper nutrition and meals they need. Keeping a community fed takes the efforts of many, and Midwest Food Bank works to reduce how hunger impacts people in the Fort Myers area and beyond.

What Is Midwest Food Bank?

Midwest Food Bank is a nonprofit organization that works to reduce the effects of hunger and poverty on daily life. Founded out of the Kieser family barn in Illinois in 2003, they gather donations of food to distribute to a variety of partners or related agencies, such as:

  • Agencies for victims of domestic violence
  • Churches or other agencies
  • Day care centers
  • Food pantries
  • Mental day care facilities
  • Senior adult centers
  • Shelters
  • Soup kitchens

Substance abuse and rehabilitation programs

Another core aspect of Midwest Food Bank’s mission is delivering food for disaster relief. In 2005, they delivered a load of food and other supplies to the Gulf Coast area in Hattiesburg, MS, after Hurricane Katrina. They continued to work with the Salvation Army following this trip, and they delivered 130 loads of food to the area by June 2007.

What Do They Do?

Midwest Food Bank collects food from different partners and volunteers. Food is commonly provided by distribution grocers, food manufacturers, or organizational food drives.

Donations are distributed and delivered to more than 1400 nonprofit organizations in:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana

They also provide food to people in Haiti and Kenya, and they are still committed to providing food following natural disasters.

Choosing a large distribution nonprofit organization like Midwest Food Bank helps ensure diverse communities are getting the resources they need. They serve a variety of partners, and their carefully created system helps keep shelves stocked and families fed.

How Can I Help?

Our team at MedSpa 22 values the work Midwest Food Bank does, and it is important to us that everyone has access to the food they need. We proudly donate 2% of our profits to organizations such as these.

If you are interested in making a donation of your own, we encourage you to visit their website. While they do have several partners to help collect and distribute food, the donations and support of volunteers is imperative to their success. Ninety-nine percent of donations are directly used for food and positive change, and only one percent of donations are used to organizational costs. Helping Midwest Food Bank helps feed the people in our Fort Myers community.

Learn More About Midwest Food Bank!

For more information about Midwest Food Bank, please visit their website. Learn more about the organization, the communities they serve, and much more!

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