Dysport®: the Cosmetic Protein

Dysport®: the Cosmetic Protein

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Dysport® is a cosmetic protein that has the ability to erase fine lines and wrinkles. It is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment that can help you turn back the clock and enjoy a more youthful appearance. We invite you to learn more about this product.


Why Do Wrinkles Form?


In order for you to understand how treatments that are designed to address wrinkles work, you need to understand why wrinkles form. Additionally, it is good for you to know that people can experience both dynamic and static wrinkles as they get older.


Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that form because of motion. When you smile, frown, and make other expressions, your muscles move, which moves the skin on top of them as well. This causes your skin to fold and crease. And because your skin gets thinner as you get older, the muscles underneath become more apparent. Dysport® is the right solution for these type of wrinkles because it actually makes the muscles relax. Since the protein inside the product makes the muscles relax, the skin on top of the muscles can relax as well, which leads to a reduction in facial wrinkles.


Do You Qualify for Treatment?


This product has been approved for use by individuals 18 years of age up to 65. Individuals who are young as 18 usually do not need to receive Dysport® injections. However, when a person gets to an age where they are concerned about preventing dynamic wrinkles, these injections may be used as a preventative treatment.


Both men and women experience a boost of confidence and notice that others react positively to the subtle changes that are made with these injections. We are going to look at your overall health when determining if this cosmetic protein is the right option for you. Be prepared to answer questions about your overall health when you visit us for your initial consultation.


Set up Your Consultation


The best way for you to learn more about Dysport® is to stop on by and visit MedSpa 22 in Fort Myers, FL. Our caring professionals will be happy to examine the areas that you would like to improve and find a treatment that will help you reach your goals. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!