IT’S A HYDRAFACIAL NATION – #ShowYourGlow at MedSpa 22

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One Hydrafacial is performed every 15 seconds around the world. 

With impressive stats, celebrity endorsements, and advertisements flooding big city billboards, tv commercials, and social media; there is no doubt that HydraFacial has made it’s way into the skincare spotlight. If you’re anything like us, it’s probably made you stop, give a little eye roll, and question if this is just another costly skincare gimmick. 

Our response: Not a chance. 


History: The HydraFacial Company was established in 1997 in Southern California. The HydraFacial brand has spent the entirety of it’s life perfecting skin care with the use of award-winning, patented skin care technologies and solutions! Their products are currently being used in 75 different countries! The brands identity is a celebration of their uniqueness, demonstrating the emotional connection they create by revealing a brighter, more confident life through amazing skin. 

What is a HydraFacial: The HydraFacial is a machine unlike any other. HydraFacial is a three to four-step medical grade resurfacing treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin with serums that are infused into pores with a state-of-the-art HydraPeel Tip (which is a pen-like device). 


Why we chose to offer HydraFacials: Dr. Ivan Cvik believes in offering the best products and services on the market for our clients. We want to provide treatments and services that we would personally want for ourselves and that we know deliver incredible results. That being said, we’ve tried nearly every facial machine on the market and nothing quite compared to the glowing end result of the HydraFacial. Sometimes, it’s an easy choice. Lucky for us, this was one of them! 

The Treatment: The Hydrafacial treatment begins with a deep cleanse that removes excess sebum and dead skin cells from the skin. Next, a mix of glycolic and salicylic acids are applied to break up any oil and dirt that’s blocking the pores. That HydraPeel Tip is then used to literally vacuum out all the blackheads, oil, dirt, and impurities using advanced vortex technology, while managing to also infuse nourishing serums that hydrate and plump the skin. 

The Benefit: A HydraFacial can improve your skin in a ton of ways and can be completely customized to fit your precise skincare needs. The treatment helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps improve tone, sun spots, and texture, as well as increasing firmness and minimizing the appearance of large pores! Think it stops there? Nope! You’ll leave the spa GLOWING with a healthy, hydrated, bright, and clear complexion. 

Hydrafacial in the News


Side Effects: Minimal! You may leave the spa a little red due to the vacuum technology and mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids used. However, it’s anticipated for the redness to wear off within an hour or so. We prefer that our patients let their skin relax following the treatment and soak up all the amazing benefits of their HydraFacial. Normal skin and makeup routine can begin the very next day! 

Don’t forget! The risks are low, but we do advise that it is possible to experience irritation if you have reactive/sensitive skin! 

Who should get a HydraFacial: Everyone! HydraFacial is suitable for nearly every age and skin type. Want even better news? It’s completely customizable to fit YOUR needs! We’ve found that acne, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, dull-sallow skin, and wrinkles are absolutely no match for the HydraFacial treatment. 

How often? Right after a HydraFacial our clients leave with glowing, dewy skin. While it’s a great treatment and a refreshing pick-me-up, this treatment is not a quick fix. Think about it like working out. If you want lasting results – you have to put in the effort. That being said, while you’ll have great immediate results, the HydraFacial treatment is intended to improve the skin’s appearance over time. Our clinical aestheticians highly recommend receiving the treatment every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain optimal skin health. Pair it with a daily Skinceuticals regimen, and you’ve established a dream team! 

Skin Care Pyramid for Hydrafacial Treatments


HydraFacial Extras & Perks: 

  • Lip Perk – plump & hydrate your lips! (great to get prior to lip injections!)
  • Eye Perk  – minimize pesky lines and wrinkles (great to get right before Botox!) 
  • Boosters – customizable boosters to brighten, tighten, hydrate, and even skin tone! 

LED Therapy

  • Red light therapy is used to combat aging and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Blue light therapy is the perfect defense against acne, as it virtually destroys any bacteria within the skin 

Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Lymphatic Draining Reduce sinus pressure, alleviate allergies, and minimize facial swelling

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

  • Being that we are a licensed medical spa, this allows us the opportunity to take your HydraFacial to an entirely different level and provide you with the option of receiving a medical grade peel with your treatment. This allows us to better address and treat specific skincare concerns. 

At MedSpa 22, your health and beauty is our biggest priority. We know that you deserve the best and that’s why we seek out exceptional products and treatments that provide unmatched results. So go ahead and dive into the world of HydraFacial and experience first hand what it feels like to have the best skin of your life. Book your Hydrafacial today by calling (239) 500-7727!