The Simplicity of Getting a BOTOX Treatment

The Simplicity of Getting a BOTOX Treatment

You may feel that you look older than you really are merely because of the tiny wrinkles that form on your face and forehead when you smile or frown. All it takes is a narrowing of the eyes or a pursing of the lips, and the skin on your face suddenly crinkles and is full of lines and crow’s feet. The easiest fix for the problem of dynamic wrinkles is a simple BOTOX® treatment.

Without actually treating the skin directly, this quick procedure can result in a significant diminishing of these wrinkles. Your current skin tone and thickness doesn’t matter. The injections relax the upper-level facial muscles and allow the skin to remain flat and smooth. You’re a likely candidate for BOTOX® treatment if you’re in good overall health and have the type of wrinkles that it’s designed to treat.

What It Treats

The skin gets pulled and creased every time you make a facial expression. Countless thousands of muscle contractions over the years, combined with a decreasing amount of important proteins in the skin, causes the appearance of thin wrinkles that often appear splintered. These usually occur on the forehead, in between the eyebrows, and at the sides of the eyes.

The muscles that pull and crease the skin lay just below the dermal layers. If they are forced to remain in a relaxed state, the lower-level muscles take over the job, but they don’t contort the skin surface as much. BOTOX® treatments prevent nerve signals from reaching the upper-level muscles while leaving the lower-level muscles and sensory nerves unaffected.

Performing BOTOX® Treatments

During a consultation for BOTOX® treatment, we examine your face and look at the severity of the wrinkling. We want to check the strength and depth of the muscles that are causing these dynamic wrinkles to form. Based on these observations, we will determine the proper injection sites and dosage.

The fluid itself is basically a purified protein solution. When it’s injected directly into muscle tissue, it blocks the signals from the brain, and this means less overall muscle contraction.

Results aren’t immediate. It takes days for the effect to become noticeable. The muscles will remain in a mostly relaxed, non-contracted state for about four months or so, after which time the procedure can be repeated.

Simpler Than Other Treatments

You can opt for skin ablation, but it’s a more aggressive, invasive procedure. Some individuals, perhaps yourself, worry about negative reactions to other treatments. Abrasive resurfacing is sometimes effective, but it can result in localized discolorations and a brittle appearance to the skin surface. BOTOX® treatment doesn’t target the skin directly, so there’s no worrying about problems with the skin tone afterward.

You can turn back the aging clock on your appearance with a simple BOTOX® treatment at MedSpa 22 in Fort Myers. Contact us today to book your appointment and learn more information.