Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Stem cell therapy is not new to the medical community; surgeons have been using varying forms of stem cell therapy to complete major operations and other surgeries for many years. Chiropractors and practitioners are now authorized to offer stem cell injections for such orthopedic needs as torn ACLs, pulled tendons, damaged muscles and osteoarthritis in the joints right in their office.

Thousands of men and women have experienced relief from chronic pain with stem cell therapy in the past two years, relieving chronic pain and avoiding major surgeries. Stem cell therapy can be completed in one office visit with little to no downtime. Stem cells are fresh and uncoded, so when they are injected into a specific area, they are able to reproduce the cells that they have come in contact with whether it is muscle, tissue, bone or cartilage.

The amazing property of stem cells is what has allowed this state-of-the-art technology to provide many benefits for the recipients. Some facilitators harvest the stem cells from the fat on the patient’s back, but this process has proved to be inferior to the new, harvested umbilical stem cells. The stem cells taken from the back are precoded and dated according to the patient.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Osteoarthritis?

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis or you have suffered an injury to your joints, the stem cell process will multiply the remaining cartridge cells to restore the area. In a matter of weeks, pain should begin decreasing and continue for months.

The treatment is not for everyone though. Before you begin stem cell therapy, the doctor will determine if you would be a prime candidate for the treatment. In order for the stem cells to multiply, there must be an adequate amount of the injured tissue still remaining, so the new stem cells have an adequate amount to copy.

In your first office visit, the doctor will discuss any pain you’ve been experiencing, and then take an X-ray to show the extent of the damage. If you are a good candidate, the stem cell injection may be given in the office visit, and you can begin to start building back lost tissue immediately.

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